Rudgormash drilling equipment


The engineer’s idea performed the product is closely connected
to the technological opportunities of the manufacturing equipment and
the sophisticated technology of production. Along with the manufacturing tools and devices designed and licensed by the enterprise, the manufacturing technique allows producing highly-accurate and complicated details and units at a level of the worlds leading manufacturers of similar equipment.

Competitive strength provided by the quality management certification based on international standard ISO 9001:2015.

established in1939
more than 3200 self-propelled mine cars supplied
more than 10000 items of concentrating equipment supplied
more than 3500 drilling rigs supplied

When every minute counts

Maximal increase of exploration availability of the drill due to the newest engineering developments

The experts of Rudgormash engineering bureau are professionals in their field and operate the knowledge for optimization of the life cycle of the quick-wear spare parts. As a result, the following changes in the drill construction have been introduced:

  • An additional oil cooler in the hydraulic system of the drill has been installed for the stable operation of the hydraulic system due to lowering oil temperature in a hot environment.
  • The heat-insulated structure of the water tank provides permanent operation of the drill in the cold conditions of the North.
  • Construction of an operator’s chair with control panels on both sides of its armrests was successfully implemented and presently undergoes field tests.
  • A CAN-line has been applied to replace hundreds of cables used before.
  • The very recent models of our drilling rigs have a video control system that helps the operator control all major processes of the machine work like lifting and lowering of the drill tool head when screwing and unscrewing the rods, the hole condition, the rest device condition and the compressor unit operation data.
  • Wireless control of the drilling rig track assembly can be applied on the latest modifications. Remote travel control is used for this purpose.
  • Additional back gauges of the travel reduction unit are used to prolong the life cycle of the reducer and to prevent its early breakdown.
  • To improve operational characteristics we have designed and put under field tests the temperature control system of the supporting unit and the oil pumping station.


Drilling rigs


The rotary blasthole drilling rig SBSH-250D is specified for drilling blast holes with diameter 171-270 mm in hard highly abrasive rocks. The diesel drive provides autonomy which meaningfully decreases time and expenses for moving the drilling rig not depending on remounting the network of the quarry.

  • The installed diesel engine Cummings QSK19 with power 650 H.P. is notable for low fuel consumption and reliability. The serial location of the compressor, engine and pump unit makes easier their technical maintenance. The fuel tank with capacity 2,5 m3 provides day round work of the drilling rig. All the operations of the drilling rig: moving, levelling, lifting and lowering of the mast, feeding and rotation of the drilling tool, a build-up of the drilling unit is provided by the hydraulic drive.
  • The hydraulic drive, manufactured on the basis of mobile hydraulics by “Bosch Rexroth” provides high reliability of the work of the drilling rig, softness of switching the operations, lack of stresses, meaningful lowering of noise and vibration, precision of regulating the operations as the capability of the regulated pumps is defined automatically according to the feedback connection depending on the speed of the executed operation. The rate of penetration remains constant independent from the bit load at empty spaces and fissuring in the
    drilled rocks. The hydraulic drive has the idling mode that keeps the temperature conditions of the hydraulic system in the state of constant readiness which is very effective in wintertime.
  • The drilling rig is equipped with the compressor with productivity 28 m3/min or 40 m3/min which depends on the diameter of drilling. The rational assembling of the main units of the drilling rig provides stability while moving and drilling.
  • The mast frame of closed type provides firmness and reliability of the whole structure at the speed force of 35 tons and torque of 1300 kgf·m.
  • The rope and polyspast drive of feeding the drill tool from two hydraulic cylinders allows reducing stress and vibration while drilling rocks with cracks. The bearing unit and the rotor are executed separately which also prevents the rotor from stress and vibration.
  • Станок комплектуется компрессором производительностью 28 м3/мин или 40 м3/мин в зависимости от диаметра бурения.
  • The cabin of bigger size has heated windows and warmed walls, floor and ceiling. The heater and air conditioner are also provided. The anti-vibration chair, steering board and industrial computer with all the drilling parameters data on its screen with constant diagnostics of the drilling rig units are also located inside of the cabin.
Exploitation conditions Exploitation conditions Temperature of environment from -40°C to +50°C
Hardness of the drilled rocks according to M.M. Protodyakonov scale 6…..20
Relative diameter of the hole, mm 171……270
Length of the drill rod, m 9,85 9,85
Number of drill rods 4 (3 in the carousel)
Maximal depth of drilling, m  37
Angle of hole inclination to vertical line, grad 0-30 with the pace of 5 grad
Feed drive Two hydraulic cylinders, 4-fold cable-reeving system
Maximal feed force, t (kN) up to 35 (350)
The feeding speed of the drill tool while drilling, m/min Smoothly regulated from 0 to 6
Maximal feeding speed of the drill tool, m/min:: lifting 32
Maximal feeding speed of the drill tool, m/min:: lowering 25
Rotation frequency of the drill unit, rpm Smoothly regulated from 0 to 150
Maximal torque at the drill bit, kqf*m (kN*m) 1300 (13)
Rotor drive Two hydraulic engines “Bosch Rexroth”
Dust suppression Wet, dry (per request)
Type of engine Diesel engine QSK19 Cummings
Power of the engine, kWt (H.P.) 485 (650)
Nominal rotation frequency, rpm 1800
Average fuel consumption per hour at optimal loading of the engine, L 65
Working volume of the fuel tank, L 2500
Pre-start heating of the engine and compressor “Eberspecher” heaters
Electronic control and monitoring of the engine ECM Electronic module of the engine
Productivity of the compressor, m3/min 28; 40 (as chosen)
Pressure of compressed air (abundant), MPa (kqf/cm2) 0,7 (7)
Drive of the compressor From the engine through the coupling “Stromag”
Electronic control and monitoring of the compressor Controller of the compressor
Types of pumps Pump unit “Bosch Rexroth” consisting of:
2 axial piston regulated pumps with inclined block;
2 axial piston regulated pumps with inclined clout
Drive of pumps From the engine through the coupling “Stromag”
Drive of cooling fans of the engine, compressor, hydraulics and dust suppression Axial piston hydraulic motors «Bosch Rexroth»
Drive of crawler mounting Two regulated axial piston hydraulic motors “Bosch Rexroth” with feed and safety brake valves
Maximal working pressure, kqf/cm2 250
Type of the mounting Caterpillar crawler mounting
Travel speed, km/h Up to 2,5 smoothly regulated
Max. gradeability, 0 12
Number of leveling jacks 3
Stroke length of jacks, mm 1000
Warming of the water tank (wet dust suppression) Torch heater
Warming of the cabin Air heater “Ebersprecher”
Conditioning of the cabin On-roof conditioner “Webasto”
Dimensions of the drilling rig, m  
-length; -width; -height (with mast up) 10,5 / 5,7 / 18,4
-length; -height(with mast down) 17,8 / 6,6
Weight of the drilling rig, kg 90000


Drilling rigs


The electric drill is designed for drilling blast holes in rocks with hardness of 6 – 20 units according to Prof. Protodyakonov scale at open-pit mines.
The drill consists of the crawler mounting, the engine room, the mast and the operator’s cabin.

The crawler mounting of the drilling rig consists of two independent trolleys, connected by axles, with the drive for each trolley. Links, wheels and rollers are made of heat-treated high-alloy steel.

The track tension is carried out by the double-sided hydraulic actuator. Chassis incline and mounting of the guide wheel at cantilever axle exclude
their sludging and pickup of soil in wet conditions. Closed bearings filled with lubrication for all life-time cycle are applied at bearing units of the crawler mounting.
The engine-room of the drill implated hard-welded construction. The engine-room has the following equipment inside:

  • the compressor unit
  • the oil-pumping station, including the following basic elements
  • the main pumps with the regulated pumping capacity that provides weight to drill tool head and other operations
  • an auxiliary pump provides prompt lowering and lifting of the drill tool during make-and-break operations
  • the rotation unit and the track drives
  • the electrical cabinets
  • two frequency converters to control asynchronous motors of the rotation unit and hydraulic pump when the rig is drilling.

The mast is a space frame attached to the engine-room with the help of friction bearings. Two hydraulic cylinders do the lowering and lifting of the mast. Two retaining devices (mechanic or hydraulic) keep the mast in its operating condition (up). The mast has all the necessary units for performing basic and auxiliary operations when drilling.

OPERATING PARAMETERS -37 -37-02 -37-03 -37-04 -37-05 -37-06 -37-07
Hole diameter, mm 250 250 250
Hole inclination, grad. 0; 15; 30 ( by customer’s request 0…30°, over 5°)
Rod length, m 8,2 9,77 8,2
Number of rods, pcs 4 6 (two separators) 4 3 4
Depth of drilling, m 32 47 47 32 27 32
Suppression of dust control мокрое
Supply voltage, V 380 6000 6000 6000
Total installed capacity, kWt 460 460 490 500
Rotary motor power, kWt 90, direct current 90, alternating current with frenquency regulation A.C. 90, direct
Drilling assembly lifting-lowering speed, m/min 12/12
Speed of drill rod string delivery to the face, m/min. 0…3
Compressor capacity, m³/min 32 (can be changed by request)
Drill rod string rotation capacity, r/min. 0…120
Crawler mounting drive motor, kWt 2 х 35 D.C. 2 х 45 A.C. 2 х 50 D.C.
Travel speed, km/h 0 -1,2 0 -1,3 0 -1,2
Gradeability, degree 12
Length with the mast raised: 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,1 9,96
Width with the mast raised: 5,7 5,7 5,7 5,7 6,1 6 5,7
Height with the mast raised: 16,2 16,2 16,2 16,2 16,9 19,8 18,6
Length with the mast lowered: 15,6 15,6 15,6 15,6 15,6 19,2 15,6
Width with the mast lowered: 5,7 5,7 5,7 5,7 6,5 6,6 5,8
Height with the mast lowered: 6,6 7,1 7,1 6,6 6,6 7,3 6,6
Drill weight, kg 80000 90000 85000


Drilling rigs

SBSH – 250MNA-32KP

The machine is applied for drilling blast holes of 250- 311mm in diameter in rock with hardness up to 20 units according to prof. Protodyakonov scale.

The frame-platform design of the drill provides reliability of the whole construction when the drill operates in a complex mining and geological environment.

The compressor unit of 50m3/min capacity enables the efficient operation of the drill tool and provides proper cleaning of the holes from the drill fines. Our drilling rigs of heavy type have successfully gone through operational testings at the iron ore quarries. The ore was drilled with rods of 290 mm in diameter, later the diameter was expanded to 311mm.

The results have shown high efficiency of the drill and advantages that a buyer can get as a result of the increased productivity like the reduced energy consumption during mining and reduction by 20% of the over-sized lumps if compared to the drilling rigs with rods of 250mm in diameter. All that will allow you to reduce expenses on crushing the over-sized rocks.

SBSH-250MNA-32KP for drilling holes of 311mm in diameter at iron ore mines can earn more for its owners and increase the mined material output from 1 long meter by 35-40% if compared to drills with rods of 250mm in diameter. The oversize yield is cut down by 20%, as the result, we have reduced expenses on crushing.

Hole diameter, mm  250; 270  270; 300; 311  270; 300; 311
Rod length, m  8,2 10 10
Number of rods, pcs  4 3 3
Depth of drilling, m 32 28 28
Method of dust suppression  мокрый мокрый мокрый
Source voltage, V  380; 6000  380; 6000  380; 6000
Summary installed capacity, kWt 650 650 650
Rotator engine power, kWt 120 120 120
Drilling assembly lifting-lowering speed, m/min  13/13  13/13 13/13
Speed of drilling tool delivery to the face, m/min 0…3 0…3 0…3
Compressor capacity, m3/min 50 50 50
Drilling rod string rotation frequency, r/min 0…120 0…120 0…120
Travel motor power, kWt 2 х 50 2 х 45 2 х 50
Traveling speed, km/h 0 -1,2 (regulated speed)
Max. gradeability, grad. 12 12 12
Weigth, kg 110 000 110 000 110 000
Overall dimensions with the mast upraised, m  
Length 11,4 11,4 11,4
Width 6,5 6,5 6,5
Height 16,9 18,6 18,6
Overall dimensions with the mast lowered, m  
Length 16,4 18,14 18,14
Width 6,5 6,5 6,5
Height 6,5 6,5 6,5


Drilling rigs

SBSH – 250/270-60КP

The machine is designed to operate in heavy mining and geological conditions on extremely abrasive rocks with hardness from 6 to 20 units according to prof. Protodyakonov scale. The depth of drilling is 55 m.

  • The engine room of the drilling rig is divided into two compartments:the compartment for electric equipment and the compartment for an oil pumping station and compressor which improves maintenance conditions and excludes possible negative consequences in emergency situations.
  • The mast, besides hydraulic clutch, is additionally fixed by braces with hydraulic clutches which provides stability of the mast while drilling in the inclined position.
  • The feeding drive, instead of traditional hydraulic cylinders, is executed from two hoists with the drive from electric engines of alternating current with frequency regulation which provides stepless regulation of feeding speed while drilling and quick raising and lowering of the drilling tool.
  • The operator’s cabin is equipped with control panels which make it easier to operate the drilling rig and provide all necessary information about the conditions of the parts of the drilling rig and parameters of drilling.
  • The hydraulic drive of the drilling rig is based on the mobile hydraulics of “Bosch Rexroth”.
  • The control and distributing blocks provide the reverse connection with the pump which serves only that quantity of oil which is necessary for the executive pump to accomplish the operation with the established speed.
  • The level of block protection (JP67-69) provides its high reliability and
    workability in any weather conditions.

The present drilling rig has united in itself all the main design decisions, checked by the multi-year exploitation at drilling rigs of our manufacture RD-10 and SBSH-250MNA-32.

Diameter of the rods, mm 219
Depth of drilling, m  58-60
Rod length, m  12
Number of rods, pcs  5
Dust suppression  Dry
Inclination angle of holes, grad. 0, 15, 20
Feeding speed while drilling, m/min 0…6
Speed of lifting and lowering the drilling tool, m/min 20
Feed force, t 30
Maximal torque at the drilling bit, N.m 13000
Compressor capacity, m3/min 36-50
Voltage, V 380/6000
Summary installed power, kWt 650
Traveling speed, km/h 0-1,5
Grade ability, grad. 12
Weigth, kg 110 000
Overall dimentions, m  with the mast up ( Length x Width x Height) 14,1/6,5/21
Overall dimentions, m  with the mast down ( Length x Width x Height) 20,9/6,5/8


Drilling rigs

SBSH - 160/230 DS / DM

The SBSH-160 / 230DS / DM drilling rig with a diesel-hydraulic drive is designed for drilling blast holes in open cast mining in rocks with a coefficient fortresses from 4 to 18 units on the scale of prof. Protodyakonov.

Cummins diesel engine is installed on the drilling rig QSK19. Engine power - 485 kW (650 hp). Voltage engine and on-board network of the machine 24 volts. The engine has an electric starter with oil pump-(for pre-injection of oil into the system engine lubrication) facilitating engine starting (especially in the winter season), three-stage aircleaner with clogging indicator, two-stage fuel filter with water separation.

The engine is equipped with an adjustable dual-circuit cooling system, water pump with a water treatment filter and a cooling radiator. Integrated oil pump lubricates moving parts
engine with cooling and two-stage filtration oils. The layout of the main components on the machine allows locating weight ensuring machine stability while drilling and moving on an uneven surface. Machine design purchased products and materials, used in the manufacturing process, comply with state gift standards and international ISO standards.

Crawler track excavator type (multi-bearing) with individually driven by each track. A platform is installed on the track, on which the mast, driver’s cab and all machine equipment are mounted.

Operating conditions Ambient temperature from -40 * С to + 50 * С
Diameter of the borehole, minimum / maximum, mm 160/230
Depth of drilling of vertical hole (not less), m 55
Drill rod length, m 9,7
The number of rods in the separator (not less), pcs 6
Angles for inclined drilling, degrees 0 ... 20 (step 5 degrees) DS
0 ... 30 (step 5 degrees) DM
Mast frame With open front wall
Feed drive Double-pulley cable drive, from two hydraulic cylinders
Feed force, kN 245
Descent / ascent of the drill, m / min to 35/37
Engine Type QSK19 Qummins Diesel Engine
Drive power (not less), kW (hp) 485(650)
Hourly average fuel consumption at optimum engine load, l 65
Drive unit Stroke Hydromotors 2x160 l / min
Pump type Pump unit Bosh Rexroth A8V0200 - 4 pcs.A type pumps - axial piston, adjustable with
clone block.
Rotary Drive Two Bosh Rexroth Motors
Torque on the rotator (not less), kN • m 10,5
The upper limit of the rotational speed of the drill string (not less), rpm 150
Drive type Crawler, excavator, multi-bearing
Gear drives Planetary gear drives with integrated brakes and mechanisms shutdowns for towing
Speed of movement, km / h 0…2,5
The overcome bias at movement (not less), deg 12
Three leveling jacks, stroke length, mm 1200
Compressor productivity (not less), m3 / min 40
Compressor installation of low pressure (not less), MPa 0,7
DUST SUPPRESSION wet or dry (optional)
with a raised mast (L / W / H), m 11 / 5,5 / 17
with mast down (L / W / H), m 17 / 5,5 / 5,6
The curb weight of the machine with working equipment and liquids filled in full (not
more), t


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